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Success Stories

Success Story - 1

My name is Indla Padma resident of Mahalakshmi Colony. I have one daughter and one son, who are studying. My husband is a mason and his income is not sufficient for the family. With the help of GPF I underwent Beautician course, after completion of the course I have obtained Rs.25,000/- loan from VDC Account and started a small Beauty Parlor at my house. Now I am earning Rs.10,000/- per month. Besides that I am raising kitchen garden and selling leaves for curry and getting Rs.100/- for a week. With these earnings now I am able to meet the necessities of my children their educational costs. And my family is very happy through my earnings and I am also happy to say that I am saving Rs.500/- per month.

Success Story - 2

My name is Ramarajula Ramana, I was abandoned by my husband when my daughter Gajalakshmi was one year old. From then onwards I am doing as house made in the local houses and carrying on my family. My earnings were very meager and could not sufficient for both our bellies and other common necessities. I am also a member of VDC Committee. My self along with other VDC members used to meet local panchayat office, revenue office and mandal development office. Our VDC came to know about a vacancy of sweeper in panchayat. All our VDC members & CO met the panchayat secretary. Explained him about my pitiable condition and requested him to provide that job to me for which panchayat secretary agreed and given that sweeper post to me. Now myself and my daughter are very happy. I am very much thankful to VDC & CO for supporting me to get this job.

Success Story - 3

From the beginning of Kondubotlavari Palem there is no road facility from the main village to this village. In the rainy times it is very hard to come from main village to this village. Women & children are most sufferers. After our intervention and the formation of VDC the VDC Committee made several attempts to get even the Katcha road. . Recently the VDC committee, CO met a land lord whose compound wall was damaged and fell down due to heavy rains. At the request of VDC that land lord obliged to give the rust of the fell wall to the villagers for forming of the road. GPF supported Rs.7,500/- as transport cost and for leveling. VDC committee, Village youth and FDG groups have contributed their labour for laying this road. Now the villagers are very happy and going & coming from the main village to their village without fear even at nigh times.