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Children Empowerment

GPF believes strongly that the children are the future. Thus, it invests a significant percentage of its resources for the development and empowerment of children.

1. After School Learning Centers (ASLC)

GPF runs six after school learning centers that benefit nearly 220 boys and girls who mostly attend government schools and hail from poor families that reside in one room houses. The ASLCs are a boon to these children. They find a comfortable space to study under the guidance of a professional teacher. GPF conducts different activities to boost up their self-image and self-esteem. The children are trained in leadership so that they understand the potential to develop themselves and contribute to the development of their community. Nutritious snacks are provided to enhance physical and mental health of the children. The children are oriented in the evils of child marriages and other superstitious practices. They learn ethics and values by listening and watching videos and stories.

2. Balwadi Centers

GPF runs two model balwadi centers benefiting nearly 60 children, who would otherwise have had no opportunity to develop their senses at the tender age. GPF provides space, nutritious noon meal, and opportunities to develop their senses.

3. Celebration of National and International Days

Important national and international days are celebrated at the ASLCs to give children a sense of the issues that each national or international day highlights. It also motivates children to participate in nation building.