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WaSH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene)

GPF works through community based organizations to help the villages to have sufficient water sources needed to fulfill the domestic requirement. We have so far helped the villages to have 20 bore pumps. All the borepumps are functional to date. They support nearly 750 families to have potable water.

For disease free communities, sanitation is a must. GPF works hard to end open defecation so that girls and women live a dignified life. We have so far assisted 80 families to have individual toilets and taught them how to use the flush toilets.

GPF through its health workers promote personal hygiene practices. GPF trains adolescent girls exclusively in reproductive health and menstrual hygiene. GPF distributed 100 mosquito nets to 84 families in Parvathipuram to help them get protected from mosquitoes.

GPF has a health worker who works closely with ASHA workers to provide the basic medical support to three villages. She ensures that the people access government health schemes.GPF regularly conducts legal literacy camps to orient the villagers in the knowledge of the acts and policies that protect the rights of children, women, tribal, dalit, minorities and eleders.